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These 5 types of refractory bricks can be said to be the most commonly used in the construction of hot blast stoves!

With the maturity of domestic hot blast stove technology, hot blast stoves are increasingly stricter on the requirements of refractory bricks in the furnace, especially in the high temperature area, the temperature in the furnace is as high as about 1300 ° C. Therefore, Shenyang refractory brick mill manufacturers introduced Combustion chambers and other parts are most vulnerable to erosion by high-temperature gas, which is more vulnerable to damage, which directly affects the use effect and life of the hot blast stove.
1.Low creep series

The main application of this series of refractory bricks in hot blast stoves is low creep high alumina bricks and low creep clay bricks.

1) Low-creep clay bricks for hot-blast stoves are made of high-quality clay clinker as the main raw material. They are made by high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering. The product has a high load softening temperature, good resistance to moderate-temperature creep, and good impact resistance. Main refractory material in low temperature parts.

These 5 types of refractory bricks can be said to be the most commonly used in the construction of hot blast stoves!
Low creep clay brick

2) Low-creep high-alumina brick is a high-grade refractory made of super-alumina, fused alumina, and fused mullite. The product has the characteristics of high fire resistance, high load softening temperature and strong slag resistance.

2.Silicon brick for hot blast stove

Silicon bricks for hot blast stoves are silicon refractory products with crystalline quartz as the main crystalline phase. It is mainly built in high temperature parts of blast furnace hot blast stove. Hot air furnace silicon brick has hot spots such as volume stability, low creep, good thermal shock resistance, and good chemical resistance.

3. Andalusite bricks for hot blast stoves Andalusite bricks for hot blast stoves are high-grade refractory bricks in silica-alumina refractories, which have very good thermal shock resistance and creep resistance. Mainly used in hot air outlet, hot air furnace door and other key parts.

4.High alumina insulation brick for hot blast stove

The high-alumina insulation brick is manufactured by the foam method. It has the advantages of small bulk density, high compressive strength, high load softening, small dimensional tolerance, and excellent thermal stability. It can effectively improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve working conditions. Improve production efficiency and obtain considerable economic benefits. It is mainly used for the insulation layer of hot blast stove.

According to the actual working environment of each part of the hot blast stove, selecting a suitable refractory brick variety is a very effective way to extend the hot blast stove furnace age.

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